The Link Between Animal and Product

At Heart Felt Fiber Farm there is an intimate personal connection between the handcrafted items that we make and the individual animals who contributed the component fibers. Unlike most farms,  each member of our spinning flock has a name, which honors our respect for the life and fiber contribution of each animal, and our commitment to lifetime care. Our  21 resident fleece producers including llama, Suri alpaca, cashgora goats, and three breeds of primitive sheep  produce 17   distinct color/texture lots which include colors ranging from white to shades of tan, browns, greys, silvers and black and textures from fine soft undercoat to strong luster outer coats. From shearing through the process of turning fleece into diverse woolly end- products,   we maintain a “chain of custody” that  includes the name(s) of the individual flock member(s). This process includes skirting, washing, picking, carding or combing followed by spinning into yarn or creating felted products.  Some fiber is exclusively hand-processed   into   yarn or felted items and some  fleeces  are sent in small batches  to a mini mill to make  custom  rovings or millspun yarns.  Some fleeces are blended in custom combinations, and a small quantities are naturally dyed with dye plants grown on the farm.

The tag on each of our woolly items includes the name(s) of the flock member whose fleece was used, except in cases where the wool blend was made from multiple animals. You can locate photos of these animals by name in our “Meet the Herd” website section.

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