We are a mini eco farm in West Sonoma County with a small spinning herd producing diverse luxury fibers for spinners, knitters, felters and weavers as well as finished natural fiber products. Our spinning herd includes sheep, goats, and camelids and our fibers come in 11 natural colors Three breeds of primitive sheep, two types of fiber goats, a llama and alpaca provide the diverse range of fibers on our “just fiber” (no-kill) farm.

  • Sustainable Farming

    We manage the farm following eco- friendly practices adapted to the mini-farm environment. We strive for sustainability and minimizing environmental footprint in the management of our farm. Operation of the farm is a work in progress with careful consideration of carrying capacity, water and energy use, recycling nutrients, wildlife, water pollution, carbon footprint, and more.

  • Organic Fiber Prodcuts

    We produce and sell raw fleeces and rovings for handspinners and felters. We also sell both handspun and millspun yarns, and hand-knitted and hand-made felted products made from out our natural fibers. These products reflect the diversity of fiber textures and colors sheared from our unique spinning herd.

  • No-Kill Philosophy

    We are an eco-friendly, “just fiber”, no-kill farm and we do not produce animals for the meat market.  Rather our farm production is based on “continuous harvest” which in our case involves sustainably and humanely harvesting fibers throughout the natural life of the animal ; our farm animals live in a healthy “forever” home here and we only breed animals that can produce offspring that can stay here or go to another farm with a similar philosophy.

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